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The term Christian has become so smeared in today’s society.  The world is doing everything possible to take Christ out from education to social media even the news.  Christ refuses to be taken out, so the world changes it’s strategy and waters down Christ.  By using the term “Christian” when talking about Catholics  or in extreme cases about Muslims (ie. our President).  There was a time when being called a Christian meant that you were not only a believer of Christ but more importantly a Follower of Christ.  I wish people would wake up and see that it was not man that hung Christ on that cross but it was He Himself, that loved us so much, He allowed  His mercy be freely given, to be hung on that rugged cross.  Christians should desire to exalt Lord, God Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ.  To say that there are many ways to God or all forms of “religion” can get you to God is not only wrong but it is just plain dumb.  God Himself tells us that there is only ONE way to Him and that is through Jesus Christ.  Last time I checked neither Catholics or Muslims believe that.  I thank God that there will be a day when being a true Christian will lead us into eternity with Him.  Is is heart breaking to think that so many people turn their backs on God when He Himself has sacrificed His own blood to show us His Grace, Mercy, and His Love.  Even Catholics and Muslims can become a “Christian” if  they choose to Follow Christ.  God desires for all to come to Him and have eternal life with Him.  He loves us all but not all love Him.

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