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Top Notch Peformance = The Delawder Family

Larry DLarry Delawder

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Larry (AKA Barney Fife), Sara, Hannah and Faith Delawder.  The entertainment that they provided for Oates Drive Baptist Church on Feb. 14 and 16 was a class act.  Their performance was a bitter-sweet one on Sunday night although.  Sara could not be there due to her father being in the hospital.  Sara, we at ODBC are praying that the Holy Spirit comforts you and your family in this heart breaking time.  Sara, I would like for you to know that your girls, Hannah and Faith, stole the show on Sunday night with their beautiful singing.  Don’t get me wrong, Larry was good with his Barney impersonation, singing, and his short message but it was your two girls that received two standing ovations. The Delawder Family is Top Notch and the Love of Jesus Christ shines from them.  Laughter is indeed good for the soul and Larry’s performance is a gut crunching one.  Hannah and Sara will bring tears of Joy to your eyes with their singing.  If given the opportunity to see the Delawder Family, I would highly recommend them and I feel that they will be a blessing in your life.

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