Pastor Burt and his wife, Michelle became part of the Oates Drive Family in February of 1999. Their goal is to share Christ through the life-changing power of God’s Word and through personal testimony of overcoming trials and hardships. Pastor Burt is a graduate of Criswell College (1990) with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. Michelle has served as Missions director and Children’s minister in churches and has provided constant Spiritual support and leadership in ministering to others.
 Pastor Burt’s Testimony:
After graduating from high school, I pursued a lifelong dream of becoming a sports writer. Even though I was able to fulfill that dream, my life began to spin out of control.
In January of 1983, I was assigned to report about an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes Event) featuring legendary Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry and NFL Hall of Famer Bob Lilly. At that meeting at First Baptist Church in Euless, Tom Landry and Bob Lilly did not speak about their accomplishments on the football field, but what the Lord had done in their hearts through Salvation. I distinctly remember Coach Landry and Mr. Lilly describing how the contentment Christ brought into their lives. That joy had nothing to do with football.  In fact, Bob Lilly said he tried to find fulfillment in a beer distributorship and his life was changed forever the night he was driving on Interstate 35 and saw a grisly wreck in which beer had contributed to the injuries and deaths of young people. Lilly said he was through with trying to find joy in this world and gave his life to Jesus Christ.
That night the Lord placed me under great conviction of my sin and the Biblical reality that if I were to die without Christ I would spend eternity in hell. But I did not make a decision that night. During this time I was dating a lady (would become my wife).  She had been praying for me and had shared the Gospel with me several times. It was in April that  Christ came into my life.
I shake with fear knowing now where I would spend eternity without Jesus Christ.  I had always believed in Jesus, but I never saw the need to do what the Bible says and that is to place my faith and trust in Christ (Romans 10:9-13). We are all sinners (Romans 3:23) and the wages of our sin is death, but the free gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23).
Worship Minister/Associate Pastor
Randall Goins joined the staff in April of 2015. Randall seeks to honor the Lord through a blended worship style, respecting the hymns and incorporating Biblically sound Worship music. 
Through his ministry, the Church has developed and incorporated new and sacred worship, technology and advancements in many areas. Randall also serves as Associate Pastor and has blessed the Church with powerful seasonal musical cantatas and dramas.
Randall came to faith in Christ at 12 years old. Randall served on staff at Churches in North Texas as minister of music prior to coming to Oates Drive. Although not born in Texas, he likes to say, ‘I got here as fast as I could.’ 
Administrative Assistant
Michelle Burt  joined the Oates Drive Staff in September, 2019. Michelle came to faith in Christ at 11 years old. Her prayer from the time she was a teenager was to serve the Lord and she surrendered to ministry at the age of 17.  Well, God called and she answered. One of the many people she led to the Lord was Jim Burt, yes, the Pastor. Michelle met Jim in Lewisville and invited him to Church and prayed faithfully and witnessed. She has served the Lord in the area of missions, children’s ministry and in 1994, while attending a Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Atlanta with Jim, she was introduced to the ministry of Operation Christmas Child and Franklin Graham. Every Church she has served in, she introduced and established Operation Christmas Child to the congregations.
Richard Wright
Richard has served as sound and video technician for Oates Drive Baptist Church for three decades. He has been instrumental in providing support and leadership in sound, as well as learning and leading in the ever changing world of sound and technology. 
Aaron Goins 
Aaron has continued to develop our Facebook Ministry and has been a blessing, especially during the Covid 19. Aaron has brought many fresh ideas and innovations to helping the ministry of Oates Drive get the word out on Facebook and live streaming.